MJS Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method Randy Rhoads TUTORiAL DVDR


MJS Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method Randy Rhoads


A DVD which offers descriptive and digestible lessons on the riffs of a modern metal icon. Learn what it is really takes to play guitar like Randy Rhoads! Hours of Jam Packed Lessons!
The Phrase By Phrase™ Guitar Method: Randy Rhoads researches his work with Ozzy Osbourne, this method explores Randy’s style, variation and improvisations on the guitar. As a whole, the viewer will be guided through a learning experience based on popular studio productions, (even comparing alternate takes and edits), concert adaptations, as well as commentary on rare live video footage.

The Phrase By Phrase™ Guitar Method series explores some of the greatest guitarists of all time, breaking their complex styles into simple, recognizable phrases. Thorough, easy-to-understand descriptions teach proper finger placement and technique, followed by half-speed practice tempos and combined sections that represented as played at full speed.

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Format: DVD
Lessons Include:
Introduction by instructor Mark John Sternal.
Guitars and Tone: How to achieve with basic gear.
Suicide Solution – Warm up lesson, beginner to intermediate.
I Don’t Know – best selected studio vs live references of rhythm changes, fills, classical adaptations and searing, full neck guitar solos.
Crazy Train – major/minor rhythm structure, two hand tapping, including studio, live and alternate track comparisons.
S.A.T.O. – Intricate rhythm structure, soloing with ascending and descending passages.
Believer – Razor edge rhythmic precision, classical interludes, and melodic use of blues and classical scales.
Diary Of A Madman – Guitar Solo Lesson – combining the exotic Hungarian and Pentatonic minor scales.


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