Modern Beats Neptunian Drumz Vol. 1-3 WAV SAMPLES

Modern Beats Neptunian Drumz Vol. 1-3


Continuing our promise to bring you the latest in blazin’ hip-hop drum kits comes the “Neptunian Drumz Collection” (Volumes 1, 2, & 3) in the style of Neptunes, Just Blaze, Bangladesh, and more!
Neptunian Drumz 1 comes packed with 72 stompin’ ambient kicks, 60 “snap-clap” layered style snares, and 60 diverse …

Neptunian Drumz 2 is ModernBeats prized sequel soundset that features more carefully crafted & unique Neptunes style drum kits. Download over…
Neptunian Drumz 3 delivers a powerful third volume of high-quality uniquely designed Neptunes style drum samples & sounds. Volume three features 6 different drum kits…

20/05/2014 | 27 MB

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