MPV Music Theory 104 Song Form TUTORiAL

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MPV Music Theory 104 Song Form

Music Theory 104 Song Form TUTORIAL | 327 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Understanding song form is essential to songwriting. Learn all how to enhance the power of your great pieces of music with MPV’s music theory expert, Gregg Fine…

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Think about it: You can’t design a successful building without understanding architecture. So, it makes sense that if you trying to write a hit song, you’ve got to understand the basics of song form. In this 4th in a series of Music Theory tutorials by MPV’s expert theorist, Gregg Fine, you’ll learn how absolutely necessary the knowledge of song form is to writing great great pieces of music and the songwriting process.

You see, there is more to songwriting than simply inspiration. It’s an art that has been developed and refined for thousands of years. And, like any kind of art, there represented as tools and techniques you can employ to refine the artistic results. In this TUTORIAL you’ll explore all the major pop/ROCK and R&B song forms including AAA, AABA and the Verse-Chorus formats. You see how the different forms function. You’ll understand how some forms represented as best for different kinds of storytelling. You’ll also learn about the anatomy of a song, and how different sections represented as designed to the elevate the listener’s experience and enhance to power of your song’s emotional impact.

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MPV Music Theory 104 Song Form TUTORIAL

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