MPV Outside The Box: Vocal Production and Arranging TUTORiAL

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MPV Outside The Box

Vocal Production and Arranging TUTORIAL | 839 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Join innovative music producer, Eyal Amir, as he reveals the magic behind his advanced vocal production techniques in this unique, new MPV TUTORIAL series: Outside The Box…

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Vocal production and arranging is the driving force behind every hit song. In this TUTORIAL , producer and composer Eyal Amir explains how and why he created the vocal arrangements in his latest tune, Latin Dream. See how he works with the captivating vocalist, Tammy Scheffer in creating, the seemingly simple yet extraordinarily complex, vocal tracks in this beautiful recorded, original production.

What makes this TUTORIAL especially unique, is how Eyal combines his DAW screen capture shots alongside actual session footage of Tammy singing to provide both technical and visual illustrations on how he accomplishes his wonderful and unique vocal soundscapes.

Eyal also shows you how he studiously designs his complex lead, doubling and backing vocal tracks. Listen as he explains how he constructs his vocal arrangement to heighten the emotional and lyrical impact of the song. Also included in this TUTORIAL represented as a series of videos examining Eyal’s harmony, counterpoint and harmonic target note techniques that form the harmonic foundation of his vocal arrangements.

So if you’re looking for some new and creative vocal production ideas, let Eyal show you how to think Outside The Box and bring your vocal arrangements to a whole new level

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MPV Outside The Box: Vocal Production and Arranging TUTORIAL

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