MPV Pro Tools 10.111.Exploring Tracks TUTORiAL

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MPV Pro Tools 10.111.Exploring Tracks

Pro Tools 10.111.Exploring Tracks TUTORIAL | 474 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

In this PT 110 Certification study guide, explore the multitude of ways tracks can be created in this collection of AVID Learning Partner TUTORIAL -videos by Pro Tools Certified trainer Mike Watkinson…

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Knowing how to create audio and MIDI tracks in Pro Tools is essential knowledge, and in this TUTORIAL , Exploring Tracks , expert trainer Mike Watkinson tracks them all down! You’ll learn how to import audio files using the DigiBase and Workspace Browser. You’ll see how to use the Waveform Display and how to audition audio files. Mike also shows you all the various types of audio files used in Pro Tools and how to adjust and set the audio preferences.This section fades out with a discussion on how to use ReWire in Pro Tools.

Then it’s all about MIDI: You’ll master all the techniques involved in step-inputting MIDI into your tracks. You’ll then learn how to import a batch of MIDI files, as well as MIDI loop recording and quantizing. Mike wraps it all up with an explanation of record settings and playlists.

With all the different kinds of tracks and files that Pro Tools can handle, it’s handy to possess and dominate all this essential information in one place: Right here at MPV!

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MPV Pro Tools 10.111.Exploring Tracks TUTORIAL

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