MPV Pro Tools 10.112.Advanced Editing Techniques TUTORiAL

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Pro Tools 10.112.Advanced Editing Techniques

Advanced Editing Techniques TUTORIAL | 335 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Becoming a Pro Tools editing Ninja requires mastering the tools of the trade. Join Certified Avid trainer Mike Watkinson as he explores the art of editing and managing clips in Avid?s Pro Tools 10…

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Audio sessions can be high pressure events! If you want to be a first class Pro Tools editor and engineer you?ve got to know right tools for the right situation and how to efficiently use them. Luckily, MPV trainer extraordinaire Mike Watkinson is here to help! This 30-video strong TUTORIAL will turn you into a Pro Tools clip Ninja teaching you to chop, split, cut, and MD clips like a real Pro Tools Warrior!

Mike starts off this TUTORIAL with a series of video showing you “pro” techniques on how to organize, clean up, compact and archive their clips. In the next section Mike created a whole set of in-depth lessons dedicated to looping and arranging, trimming and separating clips while using PT 10’s Grid Modes. This is where you?ll learn all the tools and shortcuts you can utilize in the midst of a complicated session. Without skipping a beat, Mike dives into production techniques where he explains how to group clips for playback, recording, editing and looping. Finally, there?s a bunch of videos where you?ll learn PT 10?s MIDI real-time properties and find out how easy it is to quantize, create and edit fade curves and design linear tempo changes. With Master Mike Watkinson as your guide, you’ll quickly become a clip editing expert. So join him and expand your knowledge of Pro Tools 10!

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MPV Pro Tools 10.112.Advanced Editing Techniques TUTORIAL

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