MPV Pro Tools 9 101 Core Pro Tools 9 TUTORiAL

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MPV Pro Tools 9 101 Core Pro Tools 9

Pro Tools 9 101 Core Pro Tools 9 TUTORIAL | 1.8 GB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

With the release of Pro Tools 9, Pro Tools now gives you a full recording studio in a box whether your on your laptop, in standalone mode, or using an HD rig!

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Pro Tools is the platinum standard for working with digital audio. Now its amazing “tools” represented as available to everyone because Pro Tools “9” is all about flexibility and portability. You can start a session on your laptop in standalone mode. You can move the same session to an HD studio for overdubs. Then bring that same session to your home studio and hook up your Apogee interface or any other Core Audio or ASIO interface for more production and mixing!

In this TUTORIAL “Pro Tools 9 101: Core Pro Tools 9,” Scott Freiman leads you through all of the basics of working with Pro Tools – from recording and editing audio to using the MIDI and score editors.

And with Scott showing the way you will pick up scores of tips, tricks, and shortcuts while, at the same time, getting all the information you need to start immediately laying down professionally sounding tracks.

This TUTORIAL will also show you how useful the Pro Tools MIDI editing featuring chronicle this can be! You’ll learn valuable tricks for recording and editing MIDI to make original compositions without resorting to other applications like Sibelius (and if you do use Sibelius, be sure to check out our Sibelius 101: Core Sibelius TUTORIAL ).

But of learning lessons, it would not be Pro Tools if we didn’t cover recording and editing audio itself. Scott covers everything you need to know to make great music. From recording like a pro to mixing, from adding DSP effects to automating those effects so they evolve through time … this TUTORIAL will help you get the most out of Pro Tools!

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MPV Pro Tools 9 101 Core Pro Tools 9 TUTORIAL

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