MPV Reason 5.101 Core Reason 5 TUTORiAL

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MPV Reason 5.101 Core Reason 5

Reason 5.101 Core Reason 5 TUTORIAL | 3.3 GB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Reason 5, is here with its fantastic new synths and updated functionality. This TUTORIAL , taught by Scott Freiman, is the perfect way to master Reason’s synths, its rack-based construction, and its incredibly flexible rear panel PTCHing. Join Scott as he takes us on an in-depth exploration this classic, rack-based powerhouse.

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Reason 5 is here and it’s better than ever! And star trainer, Scott Freiman, is back to teach us everything we need to know about this world renowned DAW.
With a rack-load of new synths and a ton of updated featuring chronicle this, Reason 5 has expanded its capabilities multi-fold. There’s the amazing Kong drum machine with its sampling, synthesis and physical modeling (check our amazing Kong TUTORIAL here at MPV). Dr. OctoRex with its live switching between 8 rex loops into one player. Blocks -a pattern-based sequencing and a completely new take on Live Sampling that will change the way you design, record and perform your sounds.
In his friendly style Scott takes explains the intricacies of Reason including an overview of all of its incredible synths, its rack-based construction and its unparalleled back-panel PTCHing system.
Reason is all about making connections and who better to connect us up than Scott Freiman with his detailed explanations descriptive graphics and his intuitive teaching style. So join Scott as he takes us, one-PTCH-cord-at-a-time, into the sonic wonderland of Reason 5.

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MPV Reason 5.101 Core Reason 5 TUTORIAL

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