MPV Reason 5.104 Dr OctoRex Sonic Surgery TUTORiAL

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MPV Reason 5.104 Dr OctoRex Sonic Surgery

 Dr OctoRex Sonic Surgery TUTORIAL | 935 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Imagine 8 Rex files simultaneously slicing and dicing, all working together mixing and mashing to make the most incredible rhythmic masterpieces… well, with Reason 5’s new Dr. Octo Rex and the expertise of Reason Master, Mo Volans, the unimaginable has become reality!

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Look out! There’s a doctor in the HOUSE and this mad surgeon has 8 scalpels! His name is Dr. Octo Rex and he’s going to “doctor-up” your tracks with the ability to slice and dice 8 REX files at the same time!

Mo Volans (our very own in HOUSE Dr. of Reasonology) will take us to the operating room and amaze us with his virtuosic knowledge of how this extraordinary new rack works. So scrub up, sit back, and let’s start slicing along with Mo as he show’s us the art of Sonic Surgery with the advanced new rack: Dr. Octo Rex!

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MPV Reason 5.104 Dr OctoRex Sonic Surgery TUTORIAL

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