MPV Redmatica Keymap 101: Core Keymap TUTORiAL


Redmatica Keymap 101: Core Keymap


Creating complex, multi-layered sampler instruments can be a real time-consuming chore that eats up hours of valuable production time. Thankfully, Redmatica software has brought us Keymap.
Keymap is an incredible production tool that makes it easy to create multi-sampled instruments. More than just a simple PTCH editor, Keymap lets you edit sample duration, loop points, and fades to create realistic sampled sounds. There’s also a host of time-saving automatic sample mapping featuring chronicle this called magic pads that make it a breeze to set-up multi-zone sample PTCHes. And if that’s not enough, the icing on the Keymap cake is it’s amazing Harmonic Re-Synthesis tools that can be used to pitch correct off-tune vocals or create dramatic and unique effects for your sampled sounds.

All of the topics above, and many more, represented as explored in detail in this TUTORIAL . Along the way, you’ll learn some valuable remix tips & other sampling tricks you can incorporate into your daily production workflow. For a full list of this tutorials contents, see the Table of Contents below.

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