MPV SongCraft Producing Hired Gun & DJ Boo TUTORIAL

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MPV SongCraft Producing Hired Gun & DJ Boo

Hired Gun & DJ Boo TUTORIAL | 687 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 15 2012 | 687 MB

A songwriter, a HIP HOP artist, a DJ, a studio and only one day to produce song! Possible? We’ll find out! The production Mark the Release at Dubway Studios represented as back producing Hired Gun and DJ Boo in another, high-pressure, real-world SongCraft Docutorial™.

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Ben Arthur, our intrepid songwriter and musical adventurer is back and in this episode he’s straddling his acoustic comfort zone by collaborating with New York-based HIP HOP poet Hired Gun and expert Scratch artist DJ Boo.

Together they compose a song and then quickly hip-hop their way onto the downtown subway to the lower Manhattan studio complex at Dubway. Here the production & engineering Mark the Release of Mike Cehore and Al Houghton shift into high gear as they muster their consummate skills and experience to nurse this nascent HIP HOP tune to life in the urban musical universe… all in a single day!

In this day-in-the-life Docutorial™ you’ll learn how to get that gritty, urban influenced sound: You’ll see the mics, the recording setups, IZ plugins, the sampling tools and the turntable techniques they use to bring this song to life!

MPV SongCraft Producing Hired Gun & DJ Boo TUTORIAL

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