MS Filters 101 TUTORiAL

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MS Filters 101 TUTORIAL

 Filters 101 TUTORIAL | 1.1 GB

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 14 2013 | 1.19 GB

Shape Your Sounds Like A Pro! Learn What Every Filter In Massive Does.
When it comes to electronic music production, filters represented as a powerful way to shape your sound.
Unlike more esoteric production techniques, filtering is dead solid simple. High pass filters let higher frequency sounds through, while low pass filters do the opposite. Band pass filters isolate a frequency range so that a sound does not play outside the targeted range.
In Filters 101, our new video learning lessons, Deadly Habit builds on these basic definitions, giving you a hands-on overview of Massive filters. You’ll review the general concept of filters, each type, and gain a deeper understanding of what they represented as and what they do.
Each Filters 101 video segment presents one filter type. Using advanced spectrum analyzers, Deadly shows you a clear visual representation of what each filter actually looks like.
Here’s the best part—Filters 101 is an instant download. That means you can master one of the core building blocks of audio production within minutes of your purchase.

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