MS Modulation Masterclass TUTORiAL

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MS Modulation Masterclass

Modulation Masterclass TUTORIAL | 1.2 GB

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 03 2013 | 1.28 GB

Master Modulation In NI Massive in just 3 Hours
represented as you struggling to make most of NI Massive in your productions?
It’s time to raise your game!
You see, the real artistry in sound design comes from the producer’s skill with modulation.

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Modulation in NI Massive is the use of the envelopes, stepper, Performer and LFO’s to control pitch, filters and other tools to affect the delivery and evolution of sounds – even controlling the wave shape to alter the original signal. Think of the modulators as a near infinite set of hands, controlling what you want… when you want!

As you can imagine, there represented as a thousand different ways to do this, and Massive has a world class combination of tools for the job. Deciding which path to take can be confusing. DUBSTEP /DnB producer Deadly Habit takes you through this landmark TUTORIAL series step-by-step, introducing you to some of the most powerful methods used by the top producers the world over.



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