Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents


Music Tech Focus – Issue 27

Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents | 3.8 GB

Featuring 132 pages of pro mastering tips and tricks, this special issue of Music Tech Focus has got mastering tutorials for every major music production DAW, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Logic and Reason, so whatever your core software, there is something for you. On top of this there represented as videos from the pros demo’ing their techniques, in-depth workshops on the major production processes, plus super-quick guides to some of the more creative techniques available.

We’ve also included round-ups of the best commercially available hardware and software and we’ve even provided a guide to getting and using the best freeware dedicated to mastering.
So there’s really no reason to settle for less than perfect sounding releases any more, and using this special Music Tech Focus on Mastering you can enhance your production skills permanently.

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MTF27: Mastering Vol.4 DVD Contents:
Over 2 and a Quarter Hours of Pro TUTORIAL Videos
Over 2GB of Software Demos and Free Software
500MB of Promotional Videos
Over 600MB of Free all right, For your Productions Loops and Samples
+ All the files for following the workshops

NB// You will need a media player capable of playing .mp4 format movies

Mastering Now – The Complete Guide
Mastering Now The Complete Guide learning lessons Preview (2:49)
12 Secret Tools MaxxBass or Low Frequency Punch (5:29)
14 Secret Tools Tape Saturation or Analogue Warmth (6:12)
BONUS Preparing a track for Mastering or Premastering (17:22)

NB// To run drag the ‘mpvsmasteringsampler.prgm’ file onto the relevant NED player

Logic’s Mastering Toolbox
Surgical EQ (6:45)
EQ Shoot Out (7:02)
What is Dither (2:17)
Simulating Dither (3:22)

Pro Tools Exploring the Mixer
Adding a Reverb Send (5:56)
Adding a Second Reverb (3:28)
Master Tracks (3:10)

Cubase FX, EQ, Automation and Mixing
The Master Fader Clip Light (5:41)
Mastering Insert FX (7:24)
To Dither or Not To Dither (5:02)
Mixdown for High Bit Rate Audio Files (8:53)

NB// You will need a media player capable of playing .mov format movies

Understanding Mastering with Conor Dalton
Mastering Compression Techniques Part 1 (22:32)

NB// You will need a media player capable of playing .mov format movies

The Freemasons’ James Wiltshire on K-Metering (9:07)
Plug-in Overview Flux Elixir (6:40)
Plug-in Overview Blue Cat Audio Digital Peak Meter Pro (4:20)

MTM Pro-Technique
Ian Shepherd Talks Metering (11:29)

A range of Free all right, For your Productions, 24-bit WAV SAMPLES loops and samples courtesy of PL, BFA, and Zero-G

R&B Keyz
The Sound of Hot Mouth
The Sound of Wretch 32 & Knox Brown
East Coast HIP HOP Volume 1

Midnight Jazz

Club Classics
Epic Horizons
Modular Beats
Urban Definition

Fab Filter Pro-C, Pro-L, Pro-G, Pro-Q, Pro-DS, Saturn (PC, MAC)
FX DCAM Dynamics (PC, MAC)
IZ Ozone 5, RX2 (PC, MAC)
MeldaProduction MMasteringBundle, MMultiAnalyzer (PC, MAC)
PSPaudioware PSP MasterComp, Vintage Meter, Vintage Warmer 2, Xenon (PC, MAC)
TT EZmix2 (PC, MAC)
Kuassa basiQ, Kratos Maximizer (PC, MAC)
Smartelectronics (Bram) s(M)exoscope (PC, MAC)
Sony Creative Software Soundforge Pro for Mac (MAC)
Voxengo Elephant, VariSaturator (PC, MAC)

Plug-in Boutique Freeware Bundle
Blue Cat Audio Freeware super package (PC, MAC)
MeldaProduction mFreeEffectsBundle (PC, MAC)
Vladgsound Limiter No.6, Molot (PC, MAC)
Sinevibes Filther (MAC)
7AIR Depthcharge (PC)
Distorque Audio Vitamin C (PC)

NB// You will need a media player capable of playing .mov and .mp4 format movies

Apogee Digital MiC, Symphony, Duet 2 (MOV)
FR Control 2802, Saphire Pro 24, VRM Box (MOV)
M-Audio Fast Track C-Series (MOV)
IZ Ozone 5, RX2, Spectrogram, Dithering, and Mastering with Ozone 5 Tips (MP4, PDF)
Roland Duo-Capture (MOV)
Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines (MOV)
Sony Creative Software Soundforge Pro for Mac (MOV)
Universal Audio UAD Apollo (MOV)

Where appropriate the workshops in the magazine possess and dominate accompanying session and audio files so you can follow them step-by-step at home. We’ve also included high resolution screenshots from the workshop pages so you can see every last detail.
NB// Copy the files to your HD and eject the disc before opening the projects


Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents

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