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Logic Pro 2013 | 22 MB

132 pages of pure Logic Pro 9 know-how, written and compiled by MusicTech Magazine’s Logic experts. Including tutorials, reviews, interviews, pro tips & tricks… The essential in-depth guide for the creative musician.
Pick up the brand new MusicTech Logic Focus 2013. Logic has traditionally been the weapon of choice for many a music producer and this Focus is designed to cover all aspects of the software – and, indeed, many other aspects of music production: from the science behind sound itself to how to protect your ears when making music! But the prime focus is, of learning lessons, on the software itself.

We take a look at how the software arrived in its current incarnation where Logic expert Alex Holmes explores its past, present and future. He continues in fine form with a look at mastering with software – with particular Logic focus. Mark Cousins then takes the TUTORIAL baton as he’s been busy delving into the layers of Logic to help you turn into a power-user.

True PDF | 132 Pages | 22.92 MB

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He covers everything – from programming drums to creative filtering, from working within the Environment to mastering – over a further 33 pages of workshops. Throw in featuring chronicle this on DIY studio acoustics and composing music for picture and we think we’ve covered all of your Logical needs!

11 hours of workshops: from mixing to mastering

The best gear for your Logic studio

The Logic X Factor: Truth vs Fiction

Music to picture & acoustic guides



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