MuTools MUX v5.0.41

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MuTools MUX

 v5.0.41 | 35 MB

Mark the Release R2R 2013.02.19
The MUX is a high-quality and super flexible modular synth and effect plug-in.

The MUX can be a vintage synthesizer or a hi-tec sample player, it can be a multi-band compressor or a stereo reverb, and it can be so much more… You can do almost anything with it!
The MUX is integrated into MuLab and is also available as a VST PLUGINS plug-in for Windows.

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MUX Highlights

Easy modular architecture.

Top-quality uncompromised sound engine.

Automatic mono/stereo handling.

Integrated world-class synths, samplers and effects.

Plug-in any VST PLUGINS instrument or effect inside the MUX.

Mix freely and limitless MUX modules and VST PLUGINS plug-ins.

Modulate any VST PLUGINS parameter with any of the MUX modulators like LFO, ADSR, Multi-Point Envelope, …

MuSynth workhorse synth/sampler.

MuDrum workhorse drum module featuring combined virtual analog & sample sounds and integrated sub-mixing.

Includes the MuSampla, MuPad and MultiSampla sample players.

Deep modular editing lets you build your own synths and effects, including nice front panels.

Includes hundreds of inspiring instruments and effect presets.

Easy preset file management.

Streamlined user-friendly interface and workflow.

Integrated Multi-Functional Browser.

Extensive drag-drop support.

Multi-monitor support.

Available in 32 bit and 64 bit plug-in versions.



MuTools MUX v5.0.41

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