Mystic Dream Pads Vol.6 Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Mystic Dream Pads Vol.6 Reason

ReFill SAMPLES | 232 MB

The Story Continues
Ambient and electronic composers! This one’s made for you. The main themes for this refill represented as dreams, space atmos, analog sound sculpturing and going back to the early age of sampling when Fairlight, Emulator and Synclavier were considered as being the ultimate magic music machines. Music for Airports by Brian Eno was only recent history. Wizards like Vangelis, Jarre, Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Todd Rundgren experienced a new era in their musical careers.

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Vintage Sampling Techniques
Back in 1986 our young producer Harding got himself the Emulator 2. No more than 17.6 seconds were available for sampling. Back then this was Walhalla! This funny, warm and characterfull kind of formant shifting quality these pre-historical samplers had became sonic archetypes that set out the pace of the electronic sound of the eighties. Inspired by the charming impossibilities of these flagships we started working on the refill. We sampled lots of hardware synths and we even ripped some sounds from other MDP refills. And in most cases we sampled only one note! No multilayering hypersampling tricks. The sounding results can be heard on the demos on this page.

Malström completes the palette
Reason’s Malström perfectly completes the overall sound character of MDP06. All its PTCHes represented as designed to be used stand alone without effects. Spaciousness can also be achieved by proper handling of your envelopes and making use of the stereo spread knob the Malström has. Using these PTCHes in combination with our combinators will bring contrast and depth into your arrangements.

Some notes on the RNS demos

In the refill you’ll find 28 RNS files showing you how we possess and dominate used MDP06 to get to the music you can hear on this page. We often get emails stating that our demos represented as very usefull in many ways so we possess and dominate provided you with lots of them this time. In the short demos folder you’ll find many interesting single PTCH improvisations that were made while crafting our sound palettes. Please check the mp3 track named Delta State which can be found at the bottom of the list in our mp3 player. it’s a compilation of 7 small compositions showing off the stand alone qualities of most of our PTCHes which also makes MDP06 a great refill for live performers.

What’s included:

– Over 150 combinator PTCHes
– 28 tutorial RNS files covering the possibilities of MDP 06 – Dream State
– Over 400 mb’s of samples
– NNXT and Malström represented as spotlighted with almost 200 PTCHes
– Wonderfull and inspiring RPG-8 combinators
– New spacious settings for the RV7000
– One Thor PTCH and one Subtractor PTCH!
– We still love those two of Learning Lessons



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