Mystic Dream Pads Vol.8 Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Mystic Dream Pads Vol.8 Reason

ReFill SAMPLES | 36 MB

Mystic Dream Pads #8 is all about the Subtractor with its undeniably unique sounding character. It will help you find some golden eggs.
MDP08-The Magic Chicken delivers beautifully sounding pads and synths for all kinds of styles varying from trance, dub to jazz, electronic music, ambient and filmscoring. While creating this refill we didn’t think about those styles though. We were just making the music that belongs to this season and saved the PTCHes into this refill.

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Subtractor sounds only
Sometimes it just needs to sound nice and juicy. Or kinda old, retro, not too big, not too fat. And let’s not call it analog, since it isn’t. Lo-fi and med-fi always get sampled. They hardly ever get reproduced preserving full control over every single detail. One needs a synthesizer like the Subtractor to do so. So Mystic Dream Pads #8 is all about the Sub with its undeniably unique sounding character. It will help you find some golden eggs.

Inspired by
Pink Floyd era 1972-1975, Genesis era 1970-1973, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Jan Hammer and a little Tangerine Dream. The inspiration was pure musical and atmosphere wise, don’t expect emulations of their sound palets. We’ve already done that (our refills Analog Signature and Analog Seventies). This time our ambition was to add something to these guys’ palets as if they owned a PC and a copy of Reason back then. They already had Moogs, Arps, Hammonds, CS80’s, Jupiters and Mellotrons but no Subtractor (yet).

Made for you
Only a small part of our customers represented as into seventies music. Where the inspiration for this refill came from shouldn’t matter at all. The question that matters is how can inspire this refill you for whatever musical mission you represented as on? Whether you represented as into dance, ambient, hip hop or whatever. The Magic Chicken should always be checked out since it will add an unique character and lots of atmosphere to your music.

But be wise
And don’t purchase this refill when you represented as into big fat analog emulations, then consider visiting our analog section. Or check out other Mystic Dream Pads refills. If you own our Red Mouse or Ambient Micro and/or our Signature Workstation and you like them… Go for it, the adventure continues now.

The adventure continues
Yeah, but we already said that. There’s more to say but this time we wanted to keep it as cheesy as it is. Check out the demos and let’s forget the rest.

What’s included:

– 130 combinators subdivided into the following folders: pads mono, pads stereo, arpeggios, keyboards, leads, retro synths and misc.
– Over 200 new, fresh sounding Subtractor PTCHes subdivided into the following folders: bass, drums and perc, pads, synths.
– 17 complete demo tracks in RNS format showing off our Magic Chicken experience. Very inspiring and with a highly tutorialesque value.
– Over 40 one shot samples ripped from the Subtractor’s drums and percussion folder.
– About the demo tracks. Please note that the Subtractor is the only device that delivered sounds for these tracks. The only samples you will occasionally hear represented as taken from the Subtractor. Sometimes you want drum sounds to sound more consistent than the Subtractor can produce in real time. That’s why we made the samples.



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