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Nephilium One for Massive


Nephilium One for Massive’ for NI’s Massive is a soundset directed towards all corners of EDM, providing modern, up-to-date patches for one of the greatest synths of EDM. This soundset consists of melodic arps, ground-shaking basses, pulsing and hypnotic leads, smooth pads, and otherworldly effects.
Inspired by the genres of Melodic Trance and Drum & Bass, the starter of the “Nephilium Crest” series provides evolution within the art of sound design.

‘Nephilium One for Massive’, for Native Instrument’s Massive, is created by producer and sound designer, Anakratis. The soundset consists of a variety of eclectic patches within its 64 total PTCH groups, each with their own variations, totaling 205 total patches.
This product also provides 17 MIDI files, exported directly from the audio demo itself.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 11 September 2014 | 11 MB

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Product Content:

• 10 Arpeggios (30 Total)
• 15 Basses (56 Total)
• 19 Key/Synth (62 Total)
• 12 Leads (38 Total)
• 2 Pads (6 Total)
• 6 Sound Effects (12 Total)
• 17 MIDI Files (from Audio Demo)

Please Note:

Massive 1.3 or higher is required to use this product. The drums and percussion used in the provided audio demo are NOT included in this soundset.



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