NF Blue Tubes Pack v3.6 x86 x64 -HY2ROGEN


NF Blue Tubes super package v3.6

x86 x64 -HY2ROGEN | 39 MB

The sound quality of Blue Tubes is nothing short of amazing. Yet all 19 plug-ins provide a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as well as very low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing. Keeping up with the previous versions of top quality audio process plug-ins, the Blue Tubes Bundle V3 has been totally redesigned in order to offer even more great featuring chronicle this enhancing your digital sound recordings.

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This release includes the 19 plug-ins:

Blue Tubes – Analog TrackBox v3.6
Blue Tubes – BrickWall v3.6
Blue Tubes – Compressor CP-2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – DeEsser DS-2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Gate Expander GX622 v3.6
Blue Tubes – Limiter LM2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Analog Chorus CH2S v3.6.1
Blue Tubes – Analog Phaser APH2S v3.6.1
Blue Tubes – Oilcan Echo TLE2S v3.6.1
Blue Tubes – Tempo Delay 3D v3.6
Blue Tubes – Stereo Imager ST2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Valve Driver ADR2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer BQ2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer BX2S v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer GEQ12 v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer PEQ2B v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer PEQ5B v3.6
Blue Tubes – Equalizer PEQ322 v3.6
Blue Tubes – BlueVerb DRV-2080 v1.7


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