NI Maschine Expansion Electric Vice-ISO

NI Maschine Expansion Electric Vice-ISO

NI Maschine Expansion Electric Vice

Maschine Expansion Electric Vice-ISO | 321 MB

26.12.2012 | 321MB
ELECTRIC VICE brings the glitched-out, club-pumping sounds of modern ELECTRO HOUSE to MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO. Featuring penetrating basses, acidic leads, pulsing drum and percussion sounds, and a fresh set of patterns and one-shots, ELECTRIC VICE is the definitive sound super package for aggressive ELECTRO HOUSE styles.

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Many of the sounds represented as triggered in a choke-group workflow designed to provide the exciting, on the fly production and performance style of many of the genres top artists.

ELECTRIC VICE is brimming with gritty, hard-hitting kicks, snares, claps, and percussion. One-shots, melodic samples, sound effects and glitchy synths from the included Special Kits, plus a selection of choice patterns at the perfect tempo inject ELECTRIC VICE with an addictive set of electrifying sounds – all processed using top-of-the-line studio equipment.

A fresh set of MASSIVE presets controllable directly in MASCHINE also come as part of this expansion, making this the perfect speaker-busting sound super package for producers of all modern ELECTRO HOUSE styles.

ELECTRIC VICE goes one step further by automatically placing many of these sounds in a choke-group style workflow, ensuring that your tracks immediately load with the sound and pulse of complextro.

Each sample is cut off by the next sound you trigger, allowing an infinitely fun and flexible way to create powerfully original live performances in real time.

NI Maschine Expansion Electric Vice-ISO

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