Nigel Good Massive Micro Essentials Volume 1 MiDi Ni Massive SAMPLES

Nigel Good Massive Micro Essentials Volume 1

 MiDi Ni Massive SAMPLES

Produced in collaboration with the extremely talented Nigel Good, we’re proud to announce the Nigel Good Micro Essentials sound set and MIDI pack.
Containing 34 professionally engineered NI Massive presets; the pack features a selection of pristine plucks, dreamy leads, driving basses, and intricate FX. In addition to the presets, both Nigel and David (Freshly Squeezed Samples) have included 68 chord progression MIDI files that you can use to gain inspiration from, study, or use to test out the presets.

Each Massive preset has 8 intelligently assigned macros. Useful for tweaking and shaping sounds quickly, these macros have been given careful thought. Each preset is different, and has a unique set of macros designed and assigned specifically for its sound.

free | 20/08/2014 | 17.13 MB

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What’s Included?

This free sound set and MIDI library includes 34 unique NI Massive presets and 68 carefully crafted chord progression MIDI files.
2 AMB presets.
1 ARP presets.
2 BASS presets.
2 DUBSTEP presets.
2 FX presets.
6 LEAD presets.
6 PAD presets.
17 PLUCK presets.

Each preset features 8 intelligently assigned macros for quick shaping and tweaking.


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