Nomad Factory MAGMA v1.5.1


MAGMA v1.5.1

Nomad Factory  | 168 MB

R2R | 15.2.2013 | 168.11 MB
Comprised of 65 ALL NEW Rack Effects, MAGMA is a Culmination of Years of R&D by Nomad Factory. MAGMA is Presented with Clear and Engaging Interfaces that Invite you to Experiment.
– MAGMA utilizes Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) Technology to achieve new levels of creativity and flexibility.
– Stack effects in an infinite number of combinations, all in one easy-to-use plug-in.
– Mix and match effects, create and recall unique chains and process your audio in ways previously unimaginable.
– Interchange racks freely and use MAGMA’s flexible routing matrix to build the effects chains of your dreams.

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Nomad Factory MAGMA v1.5.1- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Nomad Factory MAGMA v1.5.1

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