Northstars Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m EMU SAMPLES

Northstars Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m


The Studio Acoustic Guitar is a CD-ROM for the Emulator III/X/ESI/E4, and features 40 banks of instrumentation. We wanted to produce a CD-ROM that would give the feel of a real acoustic guitar with all the strumming techniqes. The result is the The Studio Acoustic Guitar, a stunning re-creation of the instrument which includes over 900 chords which includes all the open tunings as well. Each chord is played in four different strikes with various positions on the fretboard. The guitar itself is a Martin D-28 with nickel wound strings. The Studio Acoustic Guitar contains 40 banks. Over 1,200 presets give you an amazing variety of performance options. Each chord has a variation of a slow picked downstroke arpeggio, finger pull, short picked upstroke, short picked downstroke and chord mute. In addition, we have included single notes picked and fingered with harmonics and all the finger noises.

Team-TZ7 | 267.50 MB

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