Notion SLE For Garritan Personal Orchestra v3.1.277


Notion SLE For Garritan Personal Orchestra

 v3.1.277  | 34 MB

NOTION SLE featuring chronicle this presets created for Garritan Personal Orchestra and include all standard articulations, which represented as all mapped and balanced for the best playback directly from your score.

As you write and articulate your score, NOTION SLE will follow your instructions and automatically change the GPO PTCH in playback to accurately and realistically perform your score. Dynamics, hairpins, articulations, glissandos and even portamentos will faithfully be reproduced in playback. And of learning lessons, you can take full advantage of our live performance featuring chronicle this and conduct the full orchestra with unmatched level of control in the industry.

CHAOS | May 18 2013 | 34.4 MB

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