Novation V-Station v2.2 (WiN and OSX)


Novation V-Station v2.2

 (WiN and OSX) | 7 / 8 MB

The V-Station is a polyphonic soft-synth for Mac and PC. It has the same real 3-oscillator flexibility as the award winning K-Station, with powerful filters, 8-voice polyphony, simultaneous Novation FX.

R2R | 10.4.2013 | WiN 7.85 MB | OSX 8.15 MB

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V-Station 2.2 New featuring chronicle this:

-Novation Launchkey mapping.
Compatible with the following:
-OS X 10.7.
-OS X 10.8.
-Windows 7.
-Windows 8.


Novation V-Station v2.2 (WiN and OSX)- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Novation V-Station v2.2 (WiN and OSX)

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