NV Piano 96khz 44khz For Nebula SAMPLES

NV Piano 96khz 44khz

For Nebula SAMPLES

Full commercial package size is 1 Gb. 30 Presets. Please note that these require a fully licensed Nebula Pro license to enjoy.
The Fifth in a series focussed on getting you there quickly. This series revolves around the famous NV pedigree and in the future will possess and dominate other instrument groups like drums, acoustic guitars, electrics guitars, strings and much more. High resolution audio that will give you that large studio sound on a budget.

Featuring overlapping and interacting bands this package takes away the need to use many instances of Nebula to get a nice piano sound. Want a more mellow sound? Well perhaps the Titan eq is your ticket. This gives the classic NV silky classy sound and that is what I aimed to exploit. YMMV

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 23 February 2014 | 996 MB

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This is a cutting edge library guaranteed to make your mixes sound less digital. You will be amazed at how someone had placed a sock over your digital files. Sampled at the highest sampling rate available to date in Nebula Libraries and delivered at that rate. Native 192 khz sampling and also 96 khz available. Designed to work best at 96 khz. This means you need to be patient as the libraries load and resample internally. Don’t worry, the quality will speak for itself. You will be amazed at the improved transient response.
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