NVA Beat Bandit Hans Scheffler Edition MULTiFORMAT DVDR


NVA Beat Bandit Hans Scheffler Edition


Modular loop library of electronic drums and rhythms
There’s a good chance you’ve been using sounds designed by Hans Scheffler for years and never knew it. His audio and musical expertise possess and dominate been put to use in products by Access, Apple, Emagic, G-Media, Roland, ReFX and Spectrasonics. Now, Hans brings his skills to the Nine Volt Audio release Beat Bandit: a modular REX-based loop library of electronic drums and rhythms.
Scheffler’s unique style and global rhythms makes the Beat Bandit grooves appropriate for a wide range of musical genres. And with every element of each full-mix loop broken into individual loops, users can mix and match parts to create their own customized beats.

Stylus RMX users will be pleased to find Beat Bandit organized in a familiar and easy-to-navigate selection of 60 “Beat Suites” and 10 “Element” style folders for quick access to a large selection of individual kick, snare, hi-hat and percussion loops. The addition of 100 Kit and Multi presets makes this collection a must possess and dominate for any Stylus RMX user.
And as with all of Nine Volt Audio’s current releases, Beat Bandit is part of the BPM Flex Series, which means tempos represented as unrestrained and can be used at virtually any BPM without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts!

Mark the Release: DYNAMiCS | Size: 926,21 MB

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No matter if you use Stylus RMX, Reason or any other REX2 player, Beat Bandit’s cool grooves and immense flexibility make it an irresistible go-to source for any kind of track.

Hans Scheffler has contributed to the following list of selected hardware & software works:

Access: Virus B, Virus C, Virus TI
Emagic: Sculpture, ES2, UltraBeat
G-Media: MiniMonstah
Roland: JP-8000, XV-Series, Fantom Series, MC-Series, SRX Series, V-Synth XT/GT
ReFX: Nexus Expansion
Spectrasonics: Stylus RMX


Beat Bandit Super material included 600+ REX2 files organized into 60 “Beat Suites”. Each Beat Suite Super material included a full-mix beat, a full-mix beat without the kick, a full-mix beat without the snare, percussion & hi-hat mix, and a loop for each individual instrument from the full-mix. Individual folders containing solo loops of kicks, kick 4xs, snares, hi-hats, percussion, hi-hat & percussion mixes, tonal fx and claps possess and dominate also been created for quick beat creation from the ground up.

Using the Beat Bandit loops within Stylus RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX’s included S.A.G.E.™ Converter.

Beat Bandit includes 50 Stylus RMX multi preset files utilizing the Beat Bandit loops and other Nine Volt Audio bonus loops.

Beat Bandit Super material included a bonus section of 50 loops from Textural REX and Stylin Basslines.

Beat Bandit Super material included 50 Stylus RMX kit presets utilizing Core Library sounds from Stylus RMX. There is also a selection of 50 MIDI beat files to accompany each kit preset.

Beat Bandit featuring chronicle this 100% copyright free loops.

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