Orchestral Strings Run v.2.2 KONTAKT SAMPLES

Orchestral Strings Run v.2.2


We represented as very happy to release OSR 2 today. We needed some “extra” time for additional recording-sessions with the orchestra to bring some of our visions into OSR 2. The update will not include additional basic-runs, because OSR has a huge amount of pre-recorded runs.

We decided to come up with some improvements for more flexibility and some new artics. Weve recorded fast legato-performances for our new playable runs PTCHes for violins+violas and celli+basses. We divided the musicians into two groups of players. A multiscript will make natural tuning- and timing-discrepancies possible. But youve control over all of these things.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 28 October 2013

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•The industry´s first RUNS BUILDER for Violins and Cellos+Basses.(Create your individual runs out of thousands of tempo-synced runs-fragments!)

•RUNS TRANSITION PTCH (playable smeared runs!) based on legato-transitions and repetitions for Violins+Violas

•Hundreds of pre-recorded, tempo-synced runs

•Tempo-synced looped ostinatos

•Short-Trills PTCH (sfz Trills and measured tempo-synced Trills (HS/WS))

•Big soundig basic articulations (sustain-PTCHes, staccatos with repetitions)

•More than 50 professional musicians were involved

•OSR Tempo-Script (synchronize OSR to your host-tempo)
3 Mic-Positions

33,4 GB of samples (compressed: 19,7 GB)
24Bit/ 48KHz PTCHes
16Bit/ 48KHz Eco-PTCHes

New since OSR 2:

•RUNS BUILDER 2.0: Special scales like whole tone, octatonic and chromatic scales represented as now possible! And every slot has its own tempo-mode slider, a fine-adjustments-slider and the possibility to make triplets out of 16th based figures.

•New playable runs PTCHes: complete new recorded samples and two divided groups of musicians per PTCH will make natural tuning and TIMING discrepancies possible for never reached realism. This PTCH is available for Violins+Violas and Celli+Basses. These PTCHes has now longer end-notes then our Runs Transitions PTCH 1 (which is based on real legato sampled staccatos.

•Measured Short Tremolos: As an addition to our short trills PTCH, we´ve recorded tempo-synced measured short tremolos (doubles and triples) everything sampled with repetitions! This PTCH is also available for Celli+Basses.

•Marcatos for Violins+Violas and Celli+Basses

•New sustain-PTCHes with more velocity layers and xfade scripts

OSR 2.2

– FIXED: Stucking notes on polyphonic-intensed TimeMachine Pro instruments like the “Measured Short Tremolos” PTCH in Kontakt (Player) 5.02+.PTCHes with a higher polyphonic usage represented as switched back to TimeMachine 2.


legato-scripting improved for a better playability.

Now it is much easier to “break” a legato-line. You?ve to play overlapping notes to hear connected notes (legato). There is no more time-tolerance, the border between legato and non-legato is much clearer now.

– New velocity function for the Accents-Instrument. You can choose between CC1 volume-control or velocity-control for accents with a treshold-switch. If you enter “90” e.g. the accents will be played, when you play a higher velocity than 90. With this feature you can add an accent to single notes of a run (e.g. the first or the last note).

– some minor bugs represented as fixed now.
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