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Evolution Rosewood Grand


SYNTHiC4TE | 11.3.2013 | 3.91 GB
Orange Tree Samples is known for highly-detailed scripting that produces realistic and playable sample libraries. Rosewood Recording Company is revered for their expertise in audio engineering, the product of decades of experience in the recording industry. We’ve joined forces to bring you a powerhouse grand piano library: presenting Evolution Rosewood Grand, an extensively-sampled Yamaha C7 grand piano. The Yamaha C7 is a popular choice for classical, jazz, and ROCK pianists. Its superior tone and outstanding quality make it the leading choice of pianists all over the world.

Evolution Rosewood Grand has a beautiful tone and true-to-life response right out of the box, excelling at everything from hard-hitting ROCK to soft ballads. Backed by powerful scripting, Evolution Rosewood Grand includes rich sympathetic resonance, advanced pedal techniques (re-pedaling, half-pedaling), and modeled damper motion for realistic re-attacks. Evolution Rosewood Grand has 12 dynamic layers and 2x round-robin. This is the closest thing to having a real grand piano right in your studio!

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Its interface allows you to customize the velocity response curve to suit your preferences as well as set the soft polyphony limit for intelligent voice conservation. The interface also lets you fine-tune elements such as the release volume, hammer release volume, pedal noises, as well as the damper pedal ambience level. To top it off, Evolution Rosewood Grand includes a high-quality EQ, compressor, and reverb–all conveniently built into the library’s interface.

Key featuring chronicle this:
– Over 7 GB of samples (3.9 GB using Kontakt’s NCW lossless compressed format)
– 12 velocity layers, 2x round-robin, chromatically sampled
– Advanced scripting with realistic damper modeling, pedal techniques (half-pedaling, repedaling, etc.), and sympathetic resonance
– Onboard compressor, EQ, and reverb effects
– External preset system for easy sharing of presets

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3eNEH


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