Particular Severed Bits Components WAV SAMPLES KT3


Particular Severed Bits Components


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 01 February 2013

Particular presents Severed Bits – Components: Meticulously designed electronic drums, effects and sustained noises gently tormented through the digital, transistor and vacuum tube realm. While it’s obvious use is in dirtying up any style of HOUSE or techno, the sound fits nicely into any downtempo or urban variants craving gritty, spaced out and crunchy annotations in the beat.
The sounds can be used on their own, but works even better for layering. A Battery kit is provided as a starting point for layering and combination through the click of a button. See the included README for instructions on how to use the Battery kit.

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The drums and effects represented as organized in the following:
Low Bit
Mid Bit
High Bit

High, Mid, Low stands for where the predominant frequency lies, and the file number relate to the length of the sound, ie the sound Hi Bit 001 is 7 kb in size and 70 ms long, whereas Hi Bit 324 is 1019 kb in size and a lot lengthier.

The Sustained Loops represented as organized in the following folders:
Noise – Low
Noise – Mid
Noise – High
Noise – Filtered
Noise – FullSpectrum
Noise – Granular

Here the size of the file is merely a result from creating clickfree sustained and continous loops.

In detail expect to find 1300 oneshots and 363 sustained sounds, all in all summing up to 504 MB of 48 kHz 24 bit wavefiles.

Technical Specifications for sound content:
24 Bit 48kHz Quality

Super material included:
1300 Drums, Effects and Sustained Noises
363 Sustained sounds in Low, Mid, High, Filtered, Full Spectrum and Granular sustained Noises
01 NI Battery layering starter Kit


Particular Severed Bits Components WAV SAMPLES KT3 – DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… SAMPLES-KT3-.html

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