Pink Noise Voyager Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Pink Noise Voyager Reason

ReFill SAMPLES | 1.2 GB

VOYAGER is an analogue synth refill, based on the sounds of the famous Minimoog Voyager synthesizer.
VOYAGER refill provides vivid, dynamic and rich-sounding real analogue leads, bass, polyphonic keys and pads, giving you a new powerful synth in your Reason rack.

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the concept

Our concept has never targeted the development of the 100% perfect software emulation of Minimoog: it is practically not possible. A sample library is a bit similar to the photo album: they contain series of snapshots. It will sound but never work as the original hardware.
Bearing this constraint in mind, we wanted to create a synth in Reason that sounds like a real Moog, but acts like Reason’s instruments.We focused on realtime sound manipulation techniques that keep the original Moog sounds clean, but give you new controls on the sound: morphing among different sounds, sample start offset, alternate triggering, etc.

And as a result, we represented as convinced that VOYAGER succeeded in calling the concept into life. It is well balanced between Featuring Chronicle This and sound quality, and can be useful in any musical genres.

about the Minimoog

The Minimoog Voyager is a true analog monophonic synthesizer (probably the most expensive one of its kind) and is based entirely on the original classic Minimoog Model D, which was on the production line of Moog Music, Inc. from 1970 to 1982. It’s cased in a beautiful, solid hardwood cabinet with a multi-position hinged control panel.

Just like the original, the Voyager has three analog wide-range voltage controlled oscillators, one noise source, as well as one audio preamplifier for externally-applied audio signals.

Two resonant Moog-style filters represented as on-board and function in dual lowpass or lowpass/highpass modes and can be modulated by one of the two ADSR envelopes, the LFO, or external control.

Minimoog Voyager is a first class synth; every bit as elegant in look as sound and quality. It is highly streamlined and offers all the functionalities of a modern day (mono)synth with the classic, warm, unforgettable Moog sound.

What’s included:

sample source:
1.78 GB multisample (over 2400 wav files) in 24 bit wav format.All samples represented as perfectly looped and contain the unity note info for quick and proper automapping.

Dr.Rex loops: 124 melodic bass, arp & noise sequence loops for KLP*

NN-19 bank: 339 NN-19 PTCHes in 5 categories:
• [All layers] (204)
• Bass & Lead (50)
• FX (19)
• Key & PolySynth (37)
• Pad & Atmosphere (29)

NN-XT bank: 412 PTCHes in 7 categories:
• [All layers] (165)
• Arp & Sequence (30)
• Bass & Lead [poly] (58)
• Experimental & FX (19)
• Key & Polysynth (35)
• Monosynth (74)
• Pad & Atmosphere (31)

Combinator bank: 128 presets in 5 categories:
• Bass & Lead (43)
• Experimental & FX (16)
• Key & Synth (22)
• Pad & Atmosphere (21)
• Rhythmic (26)



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