PL Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol 3 WAV SAMPLES-REX-MiDi

PL Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol 3 WAV SAMPLES-REX-MiDi

PL Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol 3


DISCOVER | 14 JANUARY 2013 | 689MB
‘Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 3’ continues this exciting new hit-making series from PL, bringing you FIVE Construction Kits inspired by the hottest crossover styles in the charts today. With both commercial and underground appeal, as well as a professional feature set, this is a must-possess and dominate sample library for any wanna-be Pop icon.

Combining the smoothest RnB progressions with the high energy, club-shaking sounds found in Trance and Dance music, ‘Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 3’ is a hugely versatile multi-format library that’s set to fuel your next chart-smashing hit.

Of learning lessons, with such an expertly crafted selection of raw and punchy basslines, in-your-face synth leads, pads, build FX and more, the appeal of this super package isn’t limited to those looking for chart domination. Producers of more underground styles will find plenty of inspirational material suitable for virtually any kind of Electronic music.
With every kit consisting of both A & B sections, this super package is about more than re-arranging loops. It’s about building great pieces of music. So check out the MP3 demo to hear the cutting edge sounds on offer, and read on to find out more about the complete feature set of this super package.

The “Commercial” Series:
This super package is part of our successful Commercial Series which focuses on delivering current, chart-ready Construction Kits, samples and loops designed to be combined with lead and backing vocal performances to create a new generation of smash hits.

A & B Sections:
You’ll find two complete sections in each kit, allowing you to create distinct verse and chorus sections, or mix and match elements from each section to construct new variations.

MIDI Loops:
Like most other PL releases, this super package featuring chronicle this melodic and rhythmic MIDI loops allowing producers to use their favourite synth or sampler sounds with the phrases included. Unlike pre-rendered audio loops, MIDI can be scaled to any tempo and played back at any pitch without glitching or artefacts.

Included with each kit represented as percussive one-shots, allowing you to construct drum kits in your favourite sampler to create new beats, patterns and fills to augment the included content.

Dry & Wet Versions:
Where possible, dry and effected versions of loops represented as included, allowing you to create your own FX mix if you wish. Of learning lessons, you can still just drag and drop the wet versions to get the same FX mix as heard in the main demo mix above.

FX Tails Included:
As with most PL Construction Kits, FX tails possess and dominate been included where possible, allowing you to end a phrase with the natural decay of the loops reverb or delay tail, instead of having to resort to a fade or an abrupt stop.

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Vocal Ready:
These kits possess and dominate been specifically written and mixed to leave room for lead and backing vocals for a commercial, radio ready sound.

SSL Technology:
All individual parts and main mixes possess and dominate been processed using state of the art outboard SSL technology, delivering an extra polished mix and the highest quality sound possible.



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