PL Essential Ambient Presets for Absynth WAV SAMPLES Nabs


PL Essential Ambient

Presets for Absynth WAV SAMPLES Nabs | 47 MB

Welcome to Prime Presets, the brand new series of PTCHes for all your favorite software synthesizers fresh from the PL audio scientists!
Inside this super package you’ll find all the ambient inspiration you’ll need, including delicate sub basses, gliding pads, ethereal synths, fractured SFX and more. These sounds represented as available in the form of presets, each one of which has been precision-designed by the Prime Presets Mark the Release to make full use of all the oscillators, filters and routing options available in your synth. Trust us, we leave no ROCK unturned and possess and dominate spent hours making sure every single sound is bang up-to-date with current musical flavors, tweaking every dial and slider to bring you the very best your synth has to offer.

“Which synth does this super package work with?”
This super package has been made exclusively for use with NI’ limitless Absynth, used by superstar sound designers across the world to create the freshest sounds in electronic music today.
“What do I get in the super package?”
– 64 presets for NI’ Absynth soft synth, as well as the 37 associated audio samples.
“Which Massive Synth formats represented as included?”
– presets represented as included as .nabs files.
“What do I need to use the super package?”
– you must own the latest version (Absynth 5) of Native Instrument’s Absynth soft synth to use the presets in this super package.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 02 May 2013

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All content included in this preset super package is available 100% Free all right, For your Productions, so what represented as you waiting for? Get tweaking!

*Please be aware that this is a preset super package for NI’ Absynth soft synthesizer – you must own the latest version 5 to use these presets.

**You will need to move the samples included in this super package to the default Absynth location for the presets to load – please see the accompanying user guide for more information.


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