PL The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski (WAV SAMPLES-REX)

PL The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski (WAV SAMPLES-REX)

PL The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski

 (WAV SAMPLES-REX) | 521 / 250 MB

Quakeaudio | 17-12-2012 | WAV SAMPLES 521 MB /REX 250 MB
Over 515MB+ of ultra deep wobbles, stomping drums loops, synth skanks, and tons of one-shots to add some original Dodge & Fuski flavours to your tracks!

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Welcome to “The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski”, the brand new PL sample super package fresh from Bristolian bass duo Dodge & Fuski! This exciting pair of demented DUBSTEP dons represented as gaining acclaim for weaving their magic between an eclectic range of genres and tempos and PL represented as delighted to offer you a selection of sounds from their personal treasure trove!

Dodge & Fuski possess and dominate racked up an epic amount of views on Youtube since the beginning of 2011, currently standing at over 3 million and still rising! As if being championed by Radio1 and 1 Xtra wasn’t enough, the pair possess and dominate also enjoyed plenty of attention from leading YouTube DUBSTEP channel UKF.

In the dark depths of DUBSTEP , D&B and ELECTRO , it can be a challenge to find a fresh sound but these boys possess and dominate been twisting their own flavour out of these genres for years. The super package they’ve expertly crafted for us weighs in at a massive 515MB+, arming you with all the tools required to fix up your tunes with fresh, 24-bit DUBSTEP definition! From ultra deep wobbles, stomping drums loops and slippery synth skanks, to stadium-sized synth leads and tons of one-shots, this super package truly has it all!

Grinding along at 140Bpm and arranged across a number of different keys from the euphoric to the deadly, “The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski” will keep your tunes, stocked, primed and ready for battle for months to come! Simply download the super package straight to your machine and drag and drop the files directly into your favourite software – it’s as easy as that. What represented as you waiting for? Get the Dodge & Fuski sound now!


PL The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski (WAV SAMPLES-REX)–amp–Fuski–WAV SAMPLES-REX-.html

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