Platinum Samples Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX Expansion HYBRiD DVDR


Platinum Samples Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX Expansion


DVD1: 6.55GB | DVD2: 6.00GB | DVD3: 6.24GB | DVD4: 6.67GB | DVD5: 5.83GB

Joe Barresi is synonymous with ROCK, having engineered and produced some of today’s greatest modern ROCK bands. Joe’s credits include Tool’s “10,000 Days”, Wolfmother “Cosmic Egg”, Queens Of The Stone Age’s QOTSA and “Lullabies to Paralyze”, Bad Religion’s “New Maps of Hell” and “The Empire Strikes First”, as well as albums with Weezer, Turbonegro, Backyard Babies, Clutch, Pennywise, and more.

Featuring 6 full drum kits, 6 kick drums and 6 snares the Evil Drums Expansion super package is unlike any other expansion super package available. Recorded to analog tape at two legendary ROCK studios using compression and EQ, Joe Barresi has captured a diverse ensemble of drum sounds with unprecedented detail and full bleed to create a unique and exquisitely evil expansion super package. Evil Drums also includes MIDI grooves performed by Pat Wilson (Weezer, The Special Goodness).

03.2010 | Mark the Release AiR | PC, MAC | 5 DVD | iSO

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Platinum Samples is the first third party company to release Expansion Packs for TT Music’s best selling Superior Drummer® 2.0 software. The expansion super package requires that Superior Drummer® 2.0 be installed and is both Mac OS X and Windows compatible. Superior Drummer® 2.0 supports Digidesign’s RTAS format, as well as VSTi and Audio Units technologies.

Point by point
• Joe Barresi’s credits include Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Wolfmother, Bad Religion, Weezer, Judas Priest, Turbonegro, Clutch, Pennywise & more.
• Includes 6 full drums kits, 6 additional kicks and 6 more snares (a total of 64 drums & cymbals)
• featuring chronicle this drums manufactured by Gretsch, Ludwig, Tama, Pork Pie, Ayotte, Drum Workshop, Noble & Cooley, Zildjian and Paiste.
• Evil Drums represented as the only Superior Drummer® 2.0 SDX expansion super package where the drums were recorded onto analog tape.
• Recorded at two of Joe’s favorite studios using vintage Neve consoles as well as Joe’s own esoteric collection of mic pres, EQ’s and compressors.
• Evil Drums has unprecedented detail with full bleed for ultimate realism.
• Includes bonus MIDI Grooves performed by Pat Wilson (Weezer, The Special Goodness).


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