Premier Sound Bank Trap Superpack WAV SAMPLES


Premier Sound Bank Trap Superpack


‘Trap Superpack’ Super material included everything from the hardest-hitting and crispiest drums, beautifully composed strings, miscellaneous percussion instruments, and everything in between! With almost 400 samples in all, Premier Sound Bank extensively arm you with absolutely everything you could possibly need to get started producing the biggest Trap bangers that your imagination can muster up.

represented as you a Trap producer? When you play back your tunes, do you find that your studio doesn’t shake in a manner resembling the catastrophic occurrences of massive earthquakes? If so, it sounds like you could use a little help in finding quality samples and beat packs to apply to your productions.
Why not seize a valuable opportunity and take a chance at improving your productions in one of the fastest-growing, and most popular EDM genres of today?

DISCOVER | 27 APRIL 2013 | 320MB

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Product Details:

• 380 Sounds


• 29 Claps & Snares
• 32 Drum Loops
• 25 Hats & Cymbals
• 20 Drum Kicks
• 33 Percussion Samples

Orchestral One-Shots:

• 29 Horns, Trumpets & Trombones
• 13 Violin Samples


• 76 Synth Loops
• 48 Synth Shots
• 30 Special Loops
• 17 Special One-shots


• 28 Cutting-Edge Sound Effects



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