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 Trap Massive Presets

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Rankin Audio is back with a VG. Or at the very least a very tasty collection of Massive presets for running the mutha lovin’ Trap!
If you’ve not heard of Trap you must possess and dominate been living under a ROCK or maybe in the cupboard of an ageing techno producer. Either way, Trap is here and making some serious moves.

Contained in the super package is a collection of everything you need to master the synth elements of the genre and style out a Trap monster of your very own. All the pitch- bent, bubbly goodness you can eat, harnessing the power of the one and only Massive. Just run some earth moving 808s underneath and you’re in business.
All presets specially crafted by the mysterious Mark the Release of lunatics at Rankin Audio HQ and ready to be dropped straight into the DAW without any further processing. Thats not to say you can’t chain the living daylights out of them with effects for extra chuckles but thats down your your own dark and twisted imagination.
So fire up the computer and get ready for some lively, screwface trap action.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 17 May 2013

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Super material included:

60 NI Massive Presets
9 Bass Presets
10 Drum Presets
9 Effect Presets
5 Lead Presets
24 Stab Presets
3 Tempo Presets
.nmsv format

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4H6h3


- http://pasteclik.org/11759/RA-Trap-Massive-Presets-NMSV.html -


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