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In 2001, Oli Lazarus founded Papa Records and simultaneously launched Reel People on to the soulful underground stage.
Debut single Spiritual landed soon after. Its’ warm, engaging brand of soul-infused HOUSE clearly signalled Reel People’s potential. In 2002, talented musician and writer Mike Patto joined the project and, a year later, Reel People’s hugely acclaimed sophomore album Second Guess was released on Papa.

A super package with 9 ACAPELLAS From Reel People and Featuring Artists
Hits like: Love is where you represented as, High, Alibi and much more. Tempos Included

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Reel People Feat. Nathan Haines – Spiritual (128Bpm) – 8B – 101.58
Reel People Feat. Omar – Outta Love (110Bpm) – 4A – 111.29
Reel People Feat. Tasita D’mour – Anything You Want (123Bpm) – 9A – 122.81
Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle – It Will Be (118Bpm) – 11A – 140.4
Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle – Love Is Where You represented as (125Bpm) – 1A – 139.92
Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle & Imaani – Amazing (108Bpm) – 6A – 125.05
Reel People Feat. Darien – Alibi (119Bpm) – 6A – 120.18
Reel People Feat. Darien – Upside (114Bpm) – 8A – 114.47
Reel People Feat. Dyanna Fearon – High (126.4Bpm) – 5A – 72.69

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