Rhi sm Guitarism Pocket Acoustic Guitar v3.0 Univ-CHRiS0261 (iPhone – iPad)


Rhi sm Guitarism Pocket Acoustic Guitar v3.0 Univ

CHRiS0261 (iPhone – iPad) | 32MB

An acoustic guitar app for those who love the physical, visceral experience of playing guitar, with an online community for limitless inspiration and feedback! guitarism offers a highly tuned strumming interface integrated with spectacular guitar samples. The result of years of iteration, improvement and polish, you won’t find a better-sounding or more playable acoustic guitar app on the App Store.

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– Unrivaled sound quality – people will think you’re playing a real guitar! Other guitar apps don’t compare
– The most natural interface around – literally play with your eyes closed
– Play along with great pieces of music from your music library, and save chord presets per song
– Record and share your performances with the community and your friends
– Watch others’ performances for inspiration and download their chords
– Get feedback and stats on your published performances, and climb the charts
– NEW: Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Hold your iPad like a guitar and fret the chords!
– NEW: Integrate with your DAW via AudioCopy and export to iTunes File Sharing and Garageband
– NEW: Audiobus support! Now you can use guitarism as an Audiobus input and send live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps. E.g. use Audiobus to connect guitarism to JamUp and get live guitar effects in guitarism! See http://audiob.us for more information. Note: iPhone 4S+ / iPad 2+ required for Audiobus

What’s New in Version 3.0
★ Beautiful new visual design
★ Smart Strings improvements: perfect for finger-picking
★ iPad support: new iPad & iPad mini layout
– Place your iPad on a table or hold it like a guitar!
– Buttons for secondary chords on iPad (no tilting)

Rhi sm Guitarism Pocket Acoustic Guitar v3.0 Univ-CHRiS0261 (iPhone – iPad)- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Rhi sm Guitarism Pocket Acoustic Guitar v3.0 Univ-CHRiS0261 (iPhone – iPad)

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