Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co SXX SAMPLES

Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co


Roland was the first company wich puted low cost samplers on the music market, starting by the S10 (the babe) till the Legendary S770 (Top of the S serie)… Followed by Akai, Ensoniq and Yamaha in that mad technology curse. This CD include sounds for the Sxx line, in fact for S330 to S770 but you can read the sounds w/o any samplers using the same programs as for the Akai samples cdz… This Product is composed of the sounds bellow…

TZ7iSO | 01.22.2004 | 311 MB

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Trumpet mp/f/velo, Trumpet Section 1-3, Harmon Trumpet Single/Multi/Section, Trumpet Stabs/Swells/Falls/FX, Baritone Sax, Alto Sax Section, Flugel Section, French Horn 1-3, French Horn Dry/Acc/Swells/Fx, French Horn Mutes/Rips/550,Trombone Section 1-3, Trombone Fx/Solo, Large Ensemble, Mute Ensemble, Quintet, Quintet long/Wah, Fat Section/pop/falls, R&R Horns/fall/section, Pop section1/2, Orchestra Ensemble, Orchestra unisson f, Orchestra Gliss/Tremolo, Chord Cluster, Pentatonic, twTones, Clusters, Hits, Minor Hits, Major Hits, Staccatos, Diminished Hits, Arpeggio Strings minor/major/diminished/, Violins Tremolo/sul pont/bow/vibrato/marcato/warm, Violas Tremolo/sul pont/bow/vibrato/marcato/warm, Violoncello Tremolo/Sul pont/Bow/Ensemble/pizzicato, Contrabass Warm/Bow/Sul pont/Ensemble/pizzicato,Chamber Combo 1/2, Chamber Marcato/harmo, …

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