SA How to DJ with Traktor Kontrol X1 TUTORiAL


SA How to DJ

with Traktor Kontrol X1 TUTORIAL | 96 MB

With SA, you’ll be the first to know your way around the Traktor Kontrol X1, the hot new Traktor controller from NI. The Kontrol X1 puts all of Traktor Pro’s featuring chronicle this at your fingertips: You can forget fiddling around and focus on making the beats. SA’s demo lesson is quick and clear, so you can give trial and error a miss and get straight to mixing with this powerful DJing controller.

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TUTORIAL 1 – Browser
This lesson gives you a tour of the Kontrol X1 browser, so you’ll never be at a loss for finding your way around the equipment.

TUTORIAL 2 – Transport
Sonic provides the know-how you need to use Kontrol X1’s transport system, lining up all the beat, cue and sync functions.

TUTORIAL 3 – Looping
Adding and manipulating loops has never been easier than with the Kontrol X1, and Sonic’s pro will show you how.

TUTORIAL 4 – Hot Cues Part 1
Kontrol X1’s got 16 buttons dedicated to controlling the hot cues (you can use 8 per track). SA starts off by teaching you how to set up your own hot cues.

TUTORIAL 5 – Hot Cues Part 2
Lets now get creative with our hot cues and hot loops, remixing live, right out of the box.

With 8 buttons to command effects (4 for each effect unit), you’ll possess and dominate loads of options, and SA shows you how to keep your reverbs and delays in line.

TUTORIAL 7 – Advanced Mode
Lets now look at Traktor’s effects chained mode and assigning these to the decks. Chained mode lets you add multiple effects all in a row to create some crazy combinations.


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