Salazar Brothers Reggaeton Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Salazar Brothers Reggaeton Reason

ReFill SAMPLES | 251 MB

The Salazar Brothers Reggaeton ReFill is your gateway to the sound of that floor shaking Bomba-Reggae-Hiphop hybrid they call Reggaeton.
This ReFill comes packed with all the sounds you need to build Reggaeton beats from the ground up, or to simply add a touch of that Latin-Jamaican flavor to your Reason tracks.
The Customized Combinator PTCHes will be your short cut to great sounds, rhythms and melody lines that represented as tailor made for this specific sound.

The Reggaeton ReFill was put together by the Salazar Brothers, an award winning production crew with a long history of Hip Hop production. Apart from being respected beatmakers and award winning producers, the three Chilean brothers Salla, Masse and Chepe also run The Redline, one of Stockholm’s finest Urban / Latin Clubs.

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What’s included:

The Salazar Brothers Reggaeton ReFill gives you 360 MB of loops and samples. It comes with a great set of Reggaeton style Combinator PTCHes, 220 Drum & Percussion REX files, as well as 75 NN-XT sampler PTCHes for quick access to great sets of Drums, FX, Stabs, Vinyl FX, Vocals and more. Also Included represented as a wide selection of synth PTCHes, MIDI files and song starter demo tracks to guide and inspire you.



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