Sample Fusion Varazdin Orchestral DirectWave


Sample Fusion Varazdin Orchestral

DirectWave | 5.2 GB

For hundreds of years, Varazdin (Croatia), richly steeped in Baroque music tradition, has produced some of Europe’s finest classical performances. It is also host to the famous, annual ‘Barokne Veceri’ (Baroque Evenings) festival, which attracts the best classical artists from around the world.

Mark the Release ADAGiO | 27 JUNE 2013 | 5.28 GB

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Image-Line now offers the best selected ‘Varazdin Orchestral’ sample library, in which skilled classical musicians possess and dominate been meticulously recorded at 96,000 kHz, 24-bit, in performing a wide range of variations and styles for each instrument. Varazdin Orchestral featuring chronicle this over 30 instruments sampled in different musical articulations containing over 4800 samples packed in 8.5Gb.

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