SAMPLES-BFD2 Percussion Expansion Pack for KONTAKT

BFD2 Percussion Expansion Pack


It seems there has been renewed interest in the old BFD Expansion packs recently as there has been quiet a few posts
When it comes to world percussion, there have been few libraries released. Most were disappointing except for the Evolution Series World Percussion 2.0 which featured many instruments from around the world with many RRs and multiple Mic positions.

If anyone here is interested having another World Percussion library, you should be more than satisfied with this BFD Expansion Pack.
To those who were disappointed in my previous libraries because the snare top/bottom and Kick In/Out samples were mixed with the Direct sample, you don’t need to worry about it here. The original samples themselves don’t have a Kick in/out or Snare Top/Bottom ones (except perhaps couple of instruments).

03/03/2015 | 6.08 GB

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There is no difference in features from my previous libraries. Interface is still the same.

Also, some of the instruments which spanned more than one instrument in BFD have been combined into one instrument here.

As a bonus, I have also included the Mounted Tambourine (both stick and hand) from the XFL Pack.
I have also figured out how to pack the samples into nkx files. so I packed each group of instruments into its own nkx files. It makes it easer top copy just 11 nkx files vs thousands of ncw files.

An nicnt file is also provided. The Library Wallpaper is embedded in the nicnt file itself.
I hope you enjoy this pack.
The Wanderer

NOTE: You will need WinRAR 5.* to unpack this release.


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