SAMPLES-Impact Effects Vol 1-3 WAV

Impact Effects Vol 1-3


Impact Effects 1 Sound Effects should be number one on your hit list. This single CD of more than 600 royalty free sound effects packs a big punch. All of these smashes, crash sound effects, breaks, and hits were designed for maximum effect and impact. In addition to metal, glass, wood, rock, debris and plastic being demolished for sound – you also get arrow, sword, knife and bullet impacts, car crashes and explosions, human hits and body falls, meteor crashes and earthquakes. In short, we have captured disaster and destruction sound effects in digital stereo for your productions. Impact Effects 2 Sound Effects is the second in a series of smashing and crashing royalty free sound effects CDs. This selection of 698 sound effects includes impact sounds of every description with a wide variety of surfaces, many different styles and tons of debris. We hit, kicked and dropped, broke, spun and trashed planes, cars, trailers, dishes, garbage cans, metal cabinets, pianos and televisions. We recorded crashes, smashes, crunches, scrapes, spins, drops, hits, falls, thuds and demolition to create this addition to the Impact Effects sound effects line. Trees fell, wrecking balls demolished, church bells clanged and man hole covers were thrown about in order to provide the hits and crash sounds for Impact Effects 2 Sound Effects. Impact Effects 3 Sound Effects has more of Sound Ideas greatest hits. It is packed with 622 royalty free sound effects on 1 Audio CD: crunches, hits, impacts, and loads of wonderful debris and destruction. This custom designed addition to the Impact Effects series includes auto crashes, smashes and rollovers; drops, whacks, hits and impacts for many different items household items: recycling containers, dishes and pottery, video tapes, glass bottles and windows, tin cans, chairs, doors, furniture and light bulbs – workplace items: computers, toolboxes, cardboard, barrels and heavy metal dumpsters – and miscellaneous items and debris: rocks, rubber, wood and concrete. Clean crash sound effects from Sound Ideas – Impact Effects 3 Sound Effects.

2011 | 177 MB / 216 MB / 96 MB

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–VOL 1 Features:

605 royalty free sound effects
Available on 1 Audio CD
Digitally recorded stereo audio
Included as part of Extreme Impacts DVD Combo Sound Effects

Impact, hit and crash sound effects:
Metal, plastic, rock, glass, garbage & debris
Body Falls, natural disasters
Collapsing buildings and mass destruction

–VOL 2 Features:

698 royalty free sound effects
Digitally recorded stereo audio
Available on 1 Audio CD
Included as part of Extreme Impacts DVD Combo Sound Effects

Hit, Impact and crash sounds:
Crashes, Smashes & Crunches
Scrapes and Spins
Hits, Drops, Falls & Rolls
Breaks, Body Falls and Debris
Spills and Squishes
Heavy Thuds, Disasters, Demolitions and Rumbles

–VOL 3 Features:

622 royalty free sound effects
Digitally recorded stereo audio
Available on 1 Audio CD
Included as part of Extreme Impacts DVD Combo Sound Effects

Crash sound effects, Hits, Impacts:
Rollovers, Whacks and Splinters
Human hits and Body Falls
Glass Bottles and Windows Smashing


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