SAMPLES-Maschine Expansion Neon Drive v1.0.0 HYBRID-R2R

Maschine Expansion Neon Drive v1.0.0 HYBRID


NEON DRIVE bottles the luminous sound of synth pop into an expansion bursting with unforgettable melody and future-retro style.

Teleport through 80s production techniques and arrive in the future – NEON DRIVE delivers a cascade of lush chords, pads, enraptured melody, and distinct retro drums. Exclusive presets for MASSIVE, REAKTOR PRISM, and the MASCHINE 2 Drum Synths plus mallets, bells, and more give you the pitch-perfect sound of contemporary synth pop.

Mark the Release R2R 2015.04.01 | 336,84 MB

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From its beginnings in the 1970s to the present day, synth pop has perfected a unique and delicious blend of avant garde culture, cutting-edge technology, and hook-laden songwriting. From new romantic to electroclash and beyond, NEON DRIVE captures this pioneering spirit, and delivers its raw emotional power to MASCHINE.



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