SAMPLES-Maschine Expansion Supreme Bundle

Maschine Expansion Supreme Bundle


Arcane Attic
Caribbean Current
Circuit Halo
Lucid Mission
Halcyon Sky
Grey Forge
Magnate Hustle
Marble Rims
Prospect Haze
Resonant Blaze
Paradise Rinse
Lazer Dice
Static Friction
Helios Ray
Drop Squad
Electric Vice
Platinum Bounce
Conant Gardens
Transistor Punch
Dark Pressure
True School
Vintage Heat
Raw Voltage
Neon Drive

February 25, 2015 | ~20Gb

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Here it is everyone.
A super combo post again. Just for you at the AZ community.
It includes all expansions, including installers and updaters (Win and OSX).
Ive spent days working on this. So some appreciation goes a little ways.

Two notes to read:

1. Packed with Keka on OSX using 7zip compression. Youve been told. Winrar supposedly works, i have no means to test.

2. I cannot and will not release Win auth stuff as it is not mine. There should be a post done soon enough by the correct collective to provide Win users auths. Im OSX only, but have provided you the win installers you may need.

There are two ways. All Split or Individual. I did my best to do it general for everyone.


Read the files i provided.

Install the base 1.0 version (or drag folder to maschine expansion default location) then install 1.1.0 updates if there are any.

UPDATE!!! Turns out that Neon Drive requires Maschine 2.2.3. Us on OSX have yet to see this update cracked and released. But you have it for when the update is put out.


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