SAMPLES-Maschine Expansion Paradise Rinse v1.0.0-R2R

Maschine Expansion Paradise Rinse v1.0.0


PARADISE RINSE rocks the party right with emotive vocal samples, organ and synth stabs, and much more. Thick basslines from exclusive MASSIVE presets and new MASCHINE Drum Synth presets give you ultimate tweakability. Rooted in garage and deep house, PARADISE RINSE brings the sound of contemporary UK bass to the entire MASCHINE family.

The 90s were a breeding ground for rave and dance music in the UK – deep house, jungle, UK garage, and more stem from that decade. From the music played on UK pirate radio and in warehouses around the country, UK bass was born – a sound that has infiltrated the charts and dominates contemporary dance music. Discover this sound now in PARADISE RINSE.

Mark the Release R2R 2014.11.16 | 143.17 MB

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PARADISE RINSE conjures the soulful spirit of contemporary UK bass – grooves that summon you to the dancefloor and never let go.
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