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Project SAM Trombones Full Edition


SAM’s trombone trio have a wide three-octave span from C2 to C5. A solo bass trombone extends this compass down to F1, performing unlooped sustains, two types of marcato and staccato notes. The bass instrument matches the three-trombone ensemble for power and precision – my only regret is that we didn’t get two bass trombones playing in unison to make that classic ’60s big band sound!

he next logical step for this company would be to return to the same concert hall and record a trumpet section and a tuba, thus completing the standard orchestral brass line-up. On the evidence of the two existing titles, such a trilogy would be hard to beat. But whatever their future plans, SAM have already laid a solid foundation by achieving a big, punchy, cinematic orchestral brass sound, certain to be appreciated and enjoyed by many samplists.

Mark the Release AI | 05-22-2003 | 1.50 GB

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Specialized Party orchestral sample library for trombone GIGA. It is built on the same musical principles as SAM Horns, with an emphasis on expression, atmosphere and articulation. ProjectSAM created a universal set of samples to combine living and power lines and passages for the trombone section.
SAM Trombones provides you with an extensive list of samples, where many marcato, staccato and swell-articulations, as well as two or three full performances. All samples in the SAM Trombones Full Edition has three “mic” option: close (dry), main (diffuse) and advanced (strong, ready to sound the edited EQ).
In the Full Edition also includes two full bonus PTCH: Ambient Bass Piano and Processed Trombones FX.
SAM Trombones library was recorded in the same warm concert hall as the SAM Horns.
Quite apart from the traditional list of articulations, the library also has an extensive collection of samples for cinematic effects, ranging from aggressive cluster chords and air attacks to textures and layers.

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